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Raw Materials

Birla Viscose
Viscose is the first generation cellulose fiber and used for classic summer clothing with a soft flowing look. For knitwear, it is blended with polyester to introduce a natural flow and breathability.

Pallavaa's LongLasstTM Viscose and POLY VISCOSE blended spun yarns offer unique experience of pill free knitwear with better stability.

Lenzing Modal is produced from beech wood. The superior softness of Lenzing Modal keep fabrics pleasant to the touch even after repeated washing. Ideal for lingerie, loungewear, night & day wear of terry cloths.

Lenzing modal is also available in a micro variant. The extra fine fiber makes textiles even lighter. It feels like "skin on skin". A super - soft and luxurious feeling. Lingerie and home wear of Lenzing MicroModal are something special.

Raw material for Tencel is extracted from aromatic eucalyptus wood. Tencel offers a unique combination of the most properties of man - made fibers and natural fibers: soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton.

Tencel absorbs excess liquid and quickly releases it again into the atmosphere.

Tencel is pure. Bacteria have a touch life on Tencel. The enormous moisture absorption nips the formation of bacteria in the bud since it is immediately moved to the inside of the fiber. Therefore, no film of moisture forms on the fiber, preventing the basis for the growth of bacteria.

End users : Children's Wear, Bedding

The bamboo fiber is a recycled cellulose fiber specially made from the bamboo pulp, which has the natural property of anti - bacteria and odor - proof. This fiber is good for the production of the fabrics for knitted underwear's, towels, bedding articles and leisure clothes.

Polyester Blends
Polyester when blended with cellulosic fibers including cotton increases the popularity of the product. LongLasstâ„¢ blended yarns (Poly Viscose, Poly Cotton, CVC etc,) enhances and differentiates the product attributes when used in Uniform wear and Institutional wear.

Product Blends