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LongLasst™ is our brand made from the highly advanced Vortex technology that is ushering in a new era of yarn manufacturing which is attracting the global preference for the wide array of advantages if offers like retaining shape and low pilling and comes with all the value addtion of Vortex yarn that makes Pallavaa, the largest supplier of new generation yarns and fabrics in India.

Freedom from Pilling

LongLasst™ yarns have low hairiness


Yarn & Fabric have cleaner look


Spun Yarn with Low Hairiness


Wash Resistance

  • Even after repeated washes, LongLasst™ can retain the fresh look and feel of the garment
  • Reduced color fading in Garments

Higher Productivity, Lower Production Cost

  • FLUFF generation is low in knitting and machines remain clean
  • Minimum yarn breaks and hence higher productivity
  • Process loss reduced in Knitting & Dyeing

Reduction in Dyeing Cost

  • LongLasst™ helps in better exhaustion and optimum color absorption; hence low dyeing cost
  • Clean & clear print design is ensured

Improved Moisture management

  • LongLasst™ has the ability to absorb moisture better, leading to greater comfort

Low Spirality

  • LongLasst™ yarns enable low spirality in knits
  • LongLasst™ gives garments an enduring life and Wrinkle - free look

LongLasst is our brand name for Spun Yarn made using MVS-Vortex Technology

Parameter LongLasst Ring Spun Yarn Open End Yarn
Count range (Ne) 16 - 60 12 - 60 12 - 40
Capacity 1,440 Postions* 45,000 Spindles 1,840 Rotors

* On completion of current expansion

Product Blends